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  1. Disconnect Service Request Form

    Customer request to discontinue services with the City of Pierre.

  2. Report a pothole

    Let City staff know about street surface concerns in your neighborhood.

  3. Round Up Your Utility Bill

    Participants will have their utility bill rounded up to the nearest even dollar and the increment rounded up will go to a local charity... More…

  4. Service Request - Water Shutoff Curb Stop

    Customer request Water Shutoff at Curb Stop

  1. Information Update

    Provide updated contact information on your City Utility Account.

  2. Report a Problem with your water

    This form provides a mechanism for citizens to report drinking water concerns directly to the City of Pierre Water Department. The... More…

  3. Service Request - Sprinkler

    Customer request Sprinkler Meter Turn On or Off

  4. Service Request - Water Turn-on Curb Stop

    Customer request Water Turn-on at Curb Stop