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Service Request - Sprinkler

  1. Request Sprinkler Meter Turn On or Off ~ Service Fee $75
  2. Enter today's date

  3. Enter the date you request for this service

  4. The date for this service must not include weekends or Federal Holidays. Applicant must be present during the service call.

  5. Enter name of person to contact to setup time for Service Call.

  6. Enter the Address for which this service is being requested. This is also the address that will be billed the Service Call Fee.

  7. Enter the Phone Number that matches the Applicant's Name.

  8. The above listed customer requests a Service Call for the Sprinkler Meter located at the Address in this Application. By submitting this request, the Customer understands and agrees to the $75 Service Call Fee. This fee will be billed to the Service Address in this Application with the next applicable Utility Bill. 

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