drinking water treatment facility:  click Image for flyover 

Exterior_drinking water treatment facility

Flushing Sequence: Click to enlarge



Flushing start: Tuesday, Oct. 26

Flushing completed: Monday, Nov. 1


Flushing start: Tuesday, Nov. 2

Flushing completed: Wednesday, Nov. 10


Flushing start: Friday, Nov. 12

Flushing completed: Monday, Nov. 29


Flushing start: Monday, Nov. 29

Flushing completed: Tuesday, Dec. 7


Flushing start: Wednesday, Dec. 8

Flushing completed: Friday, Dec. 10

BLUE ZONE (west), (East)

Flushing began: Monday, Dec. 13

Flushing completed: Wednesday, Dec. 15



In preparation for Pierre’s new drinking water, the city will flush its water lines to clean out  deposits.

This may cause temporary water discoloration. The water remains safe to use.

To clear discolored water, run cold water, preferably through an outside spigot, until the water runs clear.


Process begins in late  October and could take up to month. The flushing will start in Zone 1 and move sequentially as identified in the map to the right.

Register with your physical address at public.alertsense.com to receive neighborhood flushing info via email, text or automated phone message. Automated phone messages will have a caller ID of 605.231.9696.

What Else?

 When water is flushed in your neighborhood, water softeners, household filters, dishwashers and washing machines shouldn’t be used until /unless the water runs clear.

The new treated drinking water is on schedule to be flowing to your faucet the summer of 2022.

If you have questions, call 605.773.7407.

Drinking Water Quality

Information about the quality of Pierre’s current drinking water is available in the City’s annual drinking water report.

The Background

The City of Pierre began looking into treated water options following a community survey. The results show the majority of respondents thought the City should consider constructing a water treatment facility to combat the high mineral content found in Pierre’s current water supply.

AE2S, an engineering consulting firm, was hired to study Pierre’s water system and its options for treating water. AE2S recommended the City build a more than $37 million water treatment plant just south of the Missouri River highway bridge.   

The Decision

The Pierre City Commission put the project to a public vote in June of 2018. The project passed with 73% of the vote.

In July 2020, the City Commission approved the facility design and project cost .

Current Water 

Currently, Pierre’s water is obtained from a series of wells located throughout the City. Water is treated at the wellhead and pumped to reservoir storage units for distribution throughout the community.

The City of Pierre Water Department pumps and treats up to 5.5 million gallons of water each day.