Reserve Officer Program

The Pierre Police Department is proud to sponsor a program called the Pierre Area Police Reserve Unit for those citizens who have a desire to help their community. Reserve officers have provided additional manpower when encountering such emergencies as severe storms, tornadoes, and flooding. In addition to special events, reserve officers are required to accompany a full-time officer a minimum of eight hours each month, as well as attend the monthly two hour training sessions.

The Application Process

Prior to being sworn in as a reserve officer, candidates must apply, participate in an interview, pass a background investigation, and participate in the selection process similar to full-time Pierre Police Officers. Recruit reserve officers complete a minimum of 100 hours of training. The recruits who pass all stages of the selection process and training are then sworn in before a judge and are issued their uniforms and equipment.

If you would like more information about the Pierre Area Reserve Unit or if you are interested in applying to become a future reserve police officer, please contact Administration at 773-7413.

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