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2019 South Dakota Inaugural Volunteer Form

  1. Volunteer Form

    Thank you for volunteering to help make South Dakota's 2019 Inaugural Celebration a successful and historic event. Your time and energy are greatly appreciated!

  2. Example: Capitol, Ramkota, etc.

  3. Example: Driver, Coat Check, etc.

  4. Volunteer Work Agreement

    I agree to perform the duties and responsibilities of the volunteer position mutually agreed to by myself and the City of Pierre. I understand that my services are voluntary, that I will not be compensated, and that volunteer workers are provided workers' compensation coverage. I also understand that I will be covered by the same terms and conditions applicable to City of Pierre employees according to the liability coverage program for public entities while performing volunteer activities. This agreement may be cancelled at any time by notification of either party.

  5. Volunteer Signature*

    I have read the above agreement and understand it. By checking the box below, I am agreeing to serve as a 2019 South Dakota Inaugural Volunteer.

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