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Conditional Use Permit Form

  1. Conditional Use / Special Use / Variance Permit Request

  2. Project Address

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  4. A site plan must be submitted along with this form showing the dimensions of the lot, location and dimensions of existing or proposed structures, distances from structures to lot lines, driveways, parking, streets, alleys, etc.

    A conditional use permit shall automatically expire if the use permitted has not been started within 12 months or if the use permitted ceases for a period of 12 months. A conditional use permit applies to the use of the property and remains valid for any future owners or operators, as long as use of the property doesn’t change.

    No variance of any regulation shall be granted by the board of adjustment unless it finds:

    1. that there is proof of the hardship, and the conditions and circumstances are peculiar to such land or buildings, and that these conditions and circumstances do not generally apply to the neighborhood;

    2. that the variance granted by the board is the minimum variance possible to accomplish the purpose of providing for the reasonable use of the land or building; and,

    3. that the granting of the variance does not change the essential character of the neighborhood and shall be in accordance with the general purpose and intent of the zoning ordinance.

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