Green It Up - Fix It Up

Free Dump Load
The City of Pierre promotes the Green it Up - Fix it Up phase of the Go Green and Clean Campaign by providing a free dump load at the landfill. Residents can use this coupon to haul out the debris and junk from around their yards. These coupons are not designated for typical household garbage. The coupons will be mailed out in your March Utility bill. The coupons are valid through the end of November.

Paint Swap
Our paint swap is available year round. Drop those cans of paint that you can’t use at the Solid Waste Facility. Have a project you need paint for? Stop by and see what is in our selection. We inspect every can of paint that gets dropped off to make sure it is good before we put it on the shelves for our customers. There is not fee at the door for this recycling program.

Past Projects
Pierre Green Map
Pierre Green Map showcases the assets and resources that make Pierre a sustainable community. Learn how you can help Pierre go green!